Shurley English Grammar Method

Shurley English curriculum provides practice exercises, fun jingles, computer software instruction and other activities for teaching grammar.


  • Thorough, well thought-out and well-planned
  • Complete grammar and writing program; no need to purchase other materials
  • Challenging and engaging curriculum
  • Jingles are effective teaching tools and make learning fun
  • Teaches research skills
  • Good step-by-step instructions and sample writings
  • Children get immediate feedback as they work through the lessons
  • Scripted curriculum; parents know exactly what to teach and how to teach it


  • Scripted format repetitive for some parents
  • Teacher's manual too extensive and complicated for some parents
  • Jingles annoying for some parents
  • Does not teach traditional method of diagramming sentences
  • Lessons can take a long time to teach
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